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other near planets in our solar system. The clearest images of any space anomaly channel. All archived in easy watch playlists. Pyramids,

Towers, Domes, Bunkers, City Ruins, Ziggurats. Architecture, Artificial Structures on Mars, Moon, Antarctica, Ceres, Pluto and 67p.

Don't be fooled by the official dogma you have been lead to believe and just look at the amazing images on show.


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The Square Wheel Society


I have now decided to only look out of the back of my house and deny the existence of cars. I will also never look upwards again and ignore aircraft in a bid to be more pure and unsullied follower of the square wheel society in the face of ever encroaching technology.

I will also ignore the massive amount of evidence for past life on Mars because it's too hard for my small brain to cope with.

Evidently this is what some people do when viewing my channel. Burying their heads in the sand in a vague effort to save themselves from something slightly harder than ordering a low quality burger containing meat of unknown origin from a local fast food chain.

Luckily for me there is a large and growing army of subscribers who give me hope and encouragement to keep on publishing these often outlandish and controversial finds that many people initially find a little too fantastic for comfort.

In months and years to come they will see that what has been revealed by my channel and other notable Mars channels is very close to the bone - hence the knee jerk reaction of many trolls and other childish YouTubers.


Will this description halt the tirade of abuse - I doubt it as many of these trolls can't even read or just choose not to.

Perhaps I should replace the alphabet with pictograms of burgers and designer brands to make a new troll language that could be understood by even the most hardcore ignoramuses.

If you are one of these - please write to me - I just love the UPPER CASE SHOUTING THAT YOU DO - which will often result in an immediate ban from my channel and the spelling age of a dead badger that was run over by a truck carrying meat of unknown origin.

You could get an adult or policeman to read this for you perhaps - but you probably wouldn't believe the translation anyway and attack the messenger.

It's like slagging off Bigfoot - you know he will never read this! Ooh hang on? I promise not to mention your wife's excessive facial hair again - Doh!

Please take this burger by way of apology - in fact - take the whole truck load!


Keep searching. JoeWhite: ArtAlienTV - MARS ZOO

                               "NASA destroys Mars fossil as far back as 2007".


ArtalienTV has now uncovered hundreds of Mars anomalies including: Aircraft, boats / ships, UFO / USO wreckage with countless alien skulls & fossils. Also including humanoids but mostly Mars animals of all varieties. Primates like Great Apes & Monkeys, many Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Marine Creatures, Birds, land Mammals and many yet to be categorized creatures.

The first marine fossil was found on Mars back in 2007 by the Opportunity rover team who proceeded to destroy the starfish like fossil with the rock abrasion tool soon after it was spotted. Deliberate sabotage. This proves to me (if there was ever any doubt) that not only was there life on Mars in the past but NASA just don't care one little bit about it. This attitude explains there nonsensical explanations for many recent anomalies including the Mars leg bone.

Despite this and many other cases of deliberate sabotage by NASA, I do believe there are still some in the organization who are genuinely trying to help us researchers and do literally throw us a bone to chew on once in a while. There are now hoards of researchers from around the world watching NASA's every move who are eagerly awaiting the new ESA rover Beagle 2 to land on Mars in 2016.

Perhaps only then we will get some in focus, un foggy, unobfuscated clear pictures. That don't look worse than ones taken in the US civil war back in the 1860's by Bob the shaky camera man who was blind in one eye, had a terrible limp and was prone to sneezing profusely whilst using his primitive camera. He had a violent tendency of shooting up the photo plates with his Colt 44 in a fit of paranoia that bemused onlookers to the point that he was shunned by society and treated as a social leper.

I am surprised NASA did't dig him up and make him Curiosity team leader of the photographic obfuscation department where he could sit shooting up computer monitors every time a possible alien skull or bone fossil came up.

But they are probably using facial recognition software to do it instead as the whiskey bill is less and it would alert them to any front on facial features within medium range of the rovers cameras.

This may explain why you never see a skull from the front. Most of my many specimens are side on.

In the 2 years of the Curiosity mission it has drilled a few holes and meandered around slower than a lost snail with athletes foot and damaged its wheels probably by running over countless artefacts and fossils.

NASA announced recently that there is 2% water on Mars according to the recent drill samples.

They have been on Mars since 1978 and have only just come to that conclusion?

Anyone who thinks that so many countries are now racing to Mars just to drill a holes in pebbles needs to profoundly rethink their existence.

Need I say more?


Keep searching everyone - don't let them put you off - Regards: Joe White - ArtAlienTV



Mars Donosaurs and Fossils

Mars Alien Dinosaurs and Fossils.


Remains of Dinosaurs, Reptiles and other strange creatures. Some fossilized and some petrified. Some of these look living.

Not just Iguanas on Mars.

There seems to have been a wide range of dinosaurs and large reptiles on Mars in the past. The question is are any of them still alive?